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  • LDS-5 Electronic Tensile Test Machine

LDS-5 Electronic Tensile Test Machine

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Product description:

LDS series economic-type material testing machine with digital display is a new material testing machine that combines electronic technology and mechanical transmission. It has a wide and accurate loading speed and force measuring range, and has a higher accuracy and sensitivity to the measurement and control of load and displacement. It has a simple structure and is easy to operate, so that it can be placed directly on the studio floor for test. In addition, it is particularly suitable for being used in the instrument for testing the quality of online control products. The series is applicable mainly for non-metallic and metal material tests with the test load below 5,000N.

Key features:

1. It uses surface cold plate with electrostatic spray map in appearance, which is simple and elegant, and it is also internally multipurpose and economical and practical;

2. Force values are shown on digital LCD, and the LCD interface is clear and readable;

3. A variety of units of measurement: N-KN-MPA (optional before delivery);

4. LCD with back lighting can be used in the circumstance with insufficient light;

5. Peak value of tension can be read by single measurement, which can also be cleared automatically and manually;

6. It has the functions of range limit and overload downtime.

7. Floor-type single-volume tensile machine has an attractive structure and is economical and practical;

Satisfiable standard:

GB/T16491-1996 Electronic Universal Testing Machines

Technical parameters:

A. Maximum allowable load of machine stand (optional within the specification of 5,000N)

B. Load cell

C. Measurement accuracy of load: ±1% of load cell+LDS display (5%-100% of full scale)

D. Optional units: N, KN, MPA (optional and unchangeable before delivery)

E. Resolution

F. Stroke resolution

G. Dynamic system: AC motor, synchronous belt

H. Control system: Testing speed: 0~500 mm/min (stepless speed regulation)

I. Data sampling frequency

J. Yoke plate stroke

K. Safety device: Overload and emergency stop device, vertical stroke limit device and earth leakage protection device.

L. Automatically calculate the mean value, and automatically take the maximum value and the value of fracture strength.

M. Display mode: Displayed in Chinese on LDS dark blue LCD with film touch keys, which has the following functions:

1. Single test: Automatically calculate the mean value and fracture value;

2. Multiple units: Choose the units independently such as N, KN and MPA (optional before delivery);

3. Function of free access point;

4. Multifunctional correction;

5. 24-digit AD acquisition with a resolution of 1/20000;

6. Optional between 0-4 digits after the decimal point;

7. The user may set the appropriate fracture downtime according to different materials.

8. Overload protection function can be set to effectively prevent overload of the machine stand;

N. Power source: AC, 220V, single-phase.

O. Power

P. Dimensions of machine stand: Approximately (L*W*H)

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