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  • Power Frequency EDM
  • Power Frequency EDM
  • Power Frequency EDM
  • Power Frequency EDM

Power Frequency EDM

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The SPARK TESTER is designed and manufactured in accordance with Standard GB/T3048.9-94 and Standard JB/T4278.10-93 on the basis of learning from similar products at home and abroad, and is suitable for the power frequency spark test on the insulation layer of rubber and plastic wires and cables. In addition, it is known as an important test equipment to ensure the insulation quality of wires and cables.

I. Usage

The 25KV type power frequency SPARK TESTER meets the test requirements of the new national standard GB/T3048-2007, and is a professional equipment to detect wire, cable, insulation and sheath defects.

It adopts the solid state AC voltage regulation and single-chip microprocessor control technology, characterized by stable output of high voltage (subject to no grid voltage change), high detection sensitivity, good field adaptability, convenient to use, safety and reliability and novel and beautiful structure.

The tester is dedicated for the dielectic strength test on finished cables of insulation wires whose test voltage value is 25KV and below.

II. Structural features

1. The tester adopts an integral structure, is welded by bending the steel plate and coated with protective paint on the surface, making it look elegant.

2. The TESTER uses 220V power frequency power supply as input voltage and continuously adjustable power supply as output voltage, whose maximum test voltage can be divided into 5 types, 10KV, 15KV, 20KV, 25KV and 30KV, which may be requested by the user when placing the order.

3. The tester adopts bead chain electrode, and the chain length, bead size and electrode width can meet standard requirements. The user may put forward when placing the order according to the outer diameter of testing wire and routing speed and ensure that they meet the requirements at the time of design.

4. The high-voltage compartment is completely enclosed in the box. The tester box has grounding screws. The electrode box cover has an interlock switch. When the box cover is opened, the high-voltage compartment is automatically stopped. The electrode slot is also provided with mechanical interlocking for grounding to ensure personal safety.

5. The tester is equipped with a poor insulation indicator. When the poorly insulated test sample passes through the electrode slot and a spark discharge occurs, the indicator will make a sound and give a light alarm, so that the operator can handle in a timely manner.

III. Technical indicators

Operating conditions of device

Mains voltage

Detection voltage: Continuously adjustable

Bead chain of inspection electrode: ø5mm (standard nickel plated bead chain)

Mains frequency

High sensitivity: (600 uA)

Detection mode: Online detection/winding detection


Ambient temperature

Relative temperature: <85% (without condensed water)

Working mode: Continuous

Maximum number of detected cables

Indicating method of breakdown: Counting function of breakdown number and bell alarm, and the breakdown point is obviously visible.

Count range: 0~99999

Sound-light alarm time: Adjustable from 1 to 10s

Test standards

GB/T3048.9 Power Frequency Spark Test on Insulated Cores of Wires and Cables

JB/T4278.10 Verification Procedure for Test Equipment of Rubber Plastic Wire and Cable · Spark Tester

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