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  • QJ57 DC Resistance Bridge
  • QJ57 DC Resistance Bridge
  • QJ57 DC Resistance Bridge

QJ57 DC Resistance Bridge

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The QJ57 DC resistance bridge has five decimal measurement reading dials. The full range is composed of seven component limits and attached with power source and zero meter, so other attachments are not needed for measurement. It is suitable for labs, workshop production lines or field sites. In addition, it can be used to accurately measure DC medium and low resistance, and it is small in size and easy to use.

To match up with the measurement needs of different purposes, the ON/OFF button of power source and zero meter of the bridge is independent, so as to control the closing order of the measurement line. At the same time, the characteristics of the bridge line relatively reduces the interference caused by stray field changes as the measured value has an inductive resistance.

To match up with the needs of accessing highly sensitive zero meter and high-capacity power source, the bridge is provided with a terminal button of external zero meter and that of external power source, which is optional through the option switch.

The attached battery voltage can be used to check the load at any time through the meter on the panel, so as to timely detect the exhausted battery that shall be replaced.

I. Main usages:

1. Measure the actual resistance of metal bars, sheets or cables and wires;

2. Inspect the welding quality of current busbars and metal shells;

3. Verify and adjust low-resistance standard, large current shunt and power-type resistor;

4. Measure the contact resistance of switches and electric appliance;

5. Measure the DC resistance of and conduct the temperature-rise test on various types of motors, transformers and windings.

II. Bridge appearance and part name:

1. Electrical zero setting button of zero meter;

2. Sensitivity adjusting button of zero meter;

3. Ground terminal button;

4. Header of attached zero meter;

5. Internal and external option switches of zero meter;

6. External zero meter terminal

7. External power source terminal;

8. Internal and external option switches of power source;

9. Measurement reading dial;

10. Zero meter button;

11. Power button;

12. Rate dial;

13. Four-terminal measurement binding post;14、内接指零仪电源(9V)

14. Power source of internal zero meter (9V)

Working power source of internal bridge (1.5V, 8 nodes in parallel)

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