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  • QJ36 Intelligent LCD Conductor Resistance Tester
  • QJ36 Intelligent LCD Conductor Resistance Tester
  • QJ36 Intelligent LCD Conductor Resistance Tester
  • QJ36 Intelligent LCD Conductor Resistance Tester
  • QJ36 Intelligent LCD Conductor Resistance Tester

QJ36 Intelligent LCD Conductor Resistance Tester

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QJ36 intelligent LCD conductor resistance tester (electric bridge) is a high-precision, intelligent comprehensive resistance measurement and test composite device. It is designed and made mainly for quality inspection agencies, labs of wire and cable transformer manufacturing plants and other testing agencies to achieve the AC resistance measurement of wires and cables, precision measurement of electrical resistors, temperature measurement, measurement of ground resistance and coil resistance measurement of motor transformers. In addition, it can provide constant flow source output and voltage measurement of calibration equipment in labs, and can be used to detect the wires and cables in terms of building energy efficiency.

The tester can achieve a wide range of resistance measurement within 0.01μΩ-2.5M, up to ±0.05%. The resistance measurement uses four-terminal measurement method and ten-level correction, and an automatic switchover is achieved between gears. It can achieve the temperature measurement with an accuracy of ±0.1℃. At the same time, it provides the voltage measurement, whose stability is 0.05% higher from 0.001mA to 10A, outputs eight-level program-controlled constant-current source and the absolute accuracy is 0.01% higher from 0-2.5V.

The tester provides a variety of operating modes. In the standard mode, it may automatically convert to Ω/km at 20℃ while measuring cables according to materials and ambient temperature for comparison. It can convert according to the uniform conductor-temperature coefficient when converting the temperature coefficient, and may also separately convert according to copper and aluminum materials. In the constant current mode, it can measure the resistance rapidly according to the preset current, and may be used to measure the ground resistance and coil resistance of power transformer. In the length datum and measurement mode, it can be used to measure the length of the entire hank of wires and cables. In the constant flow source mode, it provides constant current output. In Vin mode, it measures the input voltage. In calibration mode, it is used for instrument calibration.

The tester adopts liquid crystal display and Chinese menu for operation. It can save 100 test results. The test results are queryable. The operation is simple, intelligent, highly accurate and multi-functional, which can effectively meet the requirements of comprehensive tests in labs. In addition, the ambient temperature is dynamically updated in real time after startup, which can be used as high-precision thermometer.

Performance indicators

1. Resistance measurement indicators

Measurement range: 0.01μΩ-2.5MΩ  Measurement accuracy: Level 0.05% (can be calibrated)

2. Constant current indicator

Constant current gear: 1uA, 10uA, 100uA, 1mA, 10mA, 0.1A, 1A, 10A

3. Voltmeter measurement: Measurement range of indicators: 0-2.5V    Measurement accuracy: ±0.02%

4. Constant current mode: Measurement current of indicators: 100uA, 1mA, 10mA, 0.1A, 1A, 10A

5. Temperature measurement indicator: Temperature measurement range: 0-70℃ (extensible) Accuracy: ±0.1℃ (modifiable)

6. Length measurement indicator: Measurement accuracy: 0.5%

7. Data storage: 100

Functions and features

1. Measure DC resistance of wires and cables, resistor resistance and contact resistance of connector

2. Measure temperature

3. Measure cable length

4. Measure voltage

5. Constant flow source

6. Measure a complete set of low-voltage ground resistance

7. Measure voltage and transformer coil resistance

8. Measure resistance in a wide range, measure ten-level gear and measure eight-level current for automatic switchover

9. Calibrate at ten levels

10. Automatically convert the resistance-temperature coefficient

11. Measure forward and backward

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